Someone is already camping outside an Apple Store in anticipation of its new devices

So it begins - the first Apple camper has been spotted outside of one of the company's stores in Australia. While this is fairly common when it comes to Apple fanfare, this year the camping has started even before the official announcement of any product.

There may, of course, be various reasons explaining why this person is already camping. They could be a hardcore Apple fan that wants to be the first to have whatever it will announce tomorrow, or they could even be resellers attempting to make a profit by selling to the black market.

While the exact details of Apple's announcement remain to be seen, it has been speculated that Apple will unveil a new iPhone, 'iPad Pro' and Apple TV. If Apple does release all of these devices, this could be one of its more impressive and product-packed events in quite some time. For those interested, stay tuned tomorrow as we will have coverage of all the announcements from Apple's event starting at 9am PST.

Source: Twitter via Business Insider

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