Square Enix is allegedly working on a triple-A game for PS5

Square Enix has apparently started work on a triple-A game for the next generation PlayStation console. Tomohiro Tokoro, the 3D Character Model Lead Artist at Luminous Productions which is part of Square Enix Group, stated on his LinkedIn page that he was working on a “New AAA Title for PS5” and a “New Mobile Title for China”. Tokoro has since removed the job from his LinkedIn page and Web Archive doesn’t have a copy of the page to check the list before the items were removed.

Image via nolifebr (ResetEra)

Apart from these scant details, we have no other information about what the game is or when it will be released; the most likely time we’ll hear anything about it will be at one of the upcoming E3 events in either June 2019 or June 2020.

Earlier this year, a report from Hideki Yasuda of the Ace Economic Research Institute claimed that we could see the PlayStation 5 make its debut by the end of next year. If this is the case, we will probably see the new console be shown off at E3 next year with a selection of games. The game Tokoro is working on could be among that roster.

Last month we heard noises from Sony President Kenichiro Yoshida regarding the upcoming console, he said that “it’s necessary” to have next-gen hardware. At the time, however, he did not reveal the name of the console nor did he confirm that it would be called PlayStation 5.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long now until we start getting more solid details about the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and the games that will be landing on those devices.

Source: ResetEra via WCCF Tech

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