Stardock - From Widgets to Gadgets

Software developer Stardock has unveiled its plans for DesktopX 3.

Neowin readers maybe familiar with DesktopX already. DesktopX was originally released as v 1.0 in 2000. It allowed users to add objects to their desktops and use those objects to add functionality or to design completely new desktops. These objects and desktops could then be exported for others to use making it much easier for users to create content that was once only possible by expert software developers. Stardock followed up the original release with a 1.3 release in 2001 adding in the ability to begin attaching scripts written in Javascript or VB script. DesktopX 2.0 was then released in 2003 which supported widgets and themes.

Today Stardock has announced the latest version which introduces "Gadgets". Gadgets allow developers to create mini-applications without coding. The environment takes care of the underlying XML based language and all logic code can be written in VB Script or JavaScript. DesktopX 3 Pro will enable users to export widgets as gadgets, mini-applications that will run on any Windows 2000 or Windows XP system without any additional files needed. Stardock also announced a new site called that will enable developers to submit their gadgets, name their price, and if they pass moderation be available for sale.

Once Longhorn nears release, the company plans to swap the underlying code to be XAML and .NET based and will fully support Microsoft Code-name Longhorn.

Stardocks CEO, Brad Wardell, said in a statement to Neowin, "We're hoping that DesktopX Pro will open the door for a lot of new developers who want to create visually exciting, useful software without having to spend weeks trying to figure out how to do alpha blending and skinning and other things to make their programs stand out from the crowd."

DesktopX 3 will be released on March 1, 2005 and will be available primarily in 3 flavors:

  • DesktopX Client which allows users to use DesktopX objects, widgets, and exported desktops. - $14.95

  • DesktopX which adds the ability to create widgets and desktops. - $24.95

  • And DesktopX Pro which lets users export their widgets as stand-alone programs (gadgets). - $69.95 Introductory Price

    Stardock will also have DesktopX Enterprise 3.0 available later this Spring that will enable companies who want to build branded, secure desktops to export desktops with desktop security features.

    Existing users of DesktopX 2.x will receive a free upgrade to the corresponding version of DesktopX 3.

    View: DesktopX 3 FAQ

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