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Stardock announces DeskScapes 11, Beta available right now

Deskscapes 11

Stardock announced a new version of DeskScapes, their popular Windows desktop customization program that allows users to personalize their desktop background with animations, pictures, and video, today.

Across one or more monitors, DeskScapes provides users with the capability to animate and customize the background on their Windows desktops by either importing their own WMV image files or selecting from one of the thousands of already made backgrounds, called Dreams, available.

"Whether you're new to DeskScapes or a long time fan, you're going to love this new version," said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. "It's an all-around better browsing experience with multiple categories that toggles easily between static and animated backgrounds so you can find exactly what you want."

Deskscapes 11

DeskScapes 11 features a much more streamlined approach for users who love creating their own backgrounds, allowing them to build their ideal background right from within the app. There are dozens of customization options to choose from, plus users can combine as many effects as they want in order to create a truly custom look.

The new version of DeskScapes focuses on the user friendliness of the app above all, with popular Dream authors easily searchable from within the main menu and a new playlist feature that will allow users to create a list that plays through a sequence of backgrounds. The app has also been updated so that it runs more smoothly and uses less system resources.

object desktop

DeskScapes 11 is coming soon. Currently, a beta is exclusively available through Stardock's Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancements. Object Desktop includes programs such as Fences, Start10, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes and Multiplicity.

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