Steam stats show Windows 10 users jump to over 60%

Over the weekend we entered a new month and that means we got more Steam statistics. Interestingly, Windows 10 usage managed to climb above 60% after it jumped 6.22%. Its previous high was in July when it attained just over 52%. Windows 7 took the biggest hit, dropping 6.9% down to 29.17%. Other versions of Windows largely stayed the same. In total, Windows now makes up 96.44% of all Steam installs, down 0.33% on last month.

As for macOS and Linux, both operating systems increased their share this month. Linux usage jumped 0.10% to 0.59% overall, while macOS jumped 0.21% to 2.87% overall. The most popular Linux distribution is Ubuntu 18.04.1, while macOS 10.13.6 (64-bit) is the most widely used edition of macOS.

Steam’s hardware survey also tells us quite a lot about Windows users' hardware, for example, the most popular amount of RAM, coming in at 38.56% is 8GB, this is followed by 38.10% of machines that include 12GB or higher, and 10.91% that have 4GB RAM. This month, those with 8GB and 4GB RAM dropped by 1.92% and 0.08% respectively while those with 12GB or more increased by 1.27% since July.

As for the number of processors, 59.99% of Windows users have 4 CPUs, this is up by 2.68%, while 29.07% have 2 CPUs, this is down by a large 4.51% on the previous month. Machines with three, six, eight, and 12 CPUs increased in August.

For a full breakdown of the stats, head on over to the Steam Hardware & Software Survey page.

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