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Every fifth PC runs Windows 11 as the OS reaches its all-time high

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StatCounter's latest data is out, and it is not a lame attempt to be funny on April 1st. The March 2023 report shows Windows 11's continuous and unstoppable growth—Microsoft's newest operating system is now on every fifth Windows PC as it almost reaches the 21% mark.

In March 2023, Windows 11 gained 1.81 points and increased from 19.13% to 20.94%. However, Windows 10 also went up, albeit not as drastic as in February 2023, when Microsoft killed Windows 7 and 8.1. The current market leader holds 73.48%, a 0.17 points increase from the previous month.

As expected, people started leaving Windows 7 and 8.1 much faster after Microsoft announced the end of the Extended Security Updates program (ESU). Windows 7 continues its decline, reaching the 3.72% mark and losing 1.62 points. Windows 8.1 currently holds a puny 0.84%, a 0.3 points decrease from February 2023.

Here is what the Windows market looks like according to Statcounter:

  1. Windows 10 - 73.48%
  2. Windows 11 - 29.94%
  3. Windows 7 - 3.72%
  4. Windows 8.1 - 0.84%
  5. Windows 8 - 0.51%
Operating system charts from the Statcounter March 2023 report

Considering other operating systems (Android, iOS, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux, and others), Windows remains the second most popular OS, losing ground only to Android. Microsoft's desktop operating system has a 28.29% market share (+0.56 points) between Android and iOS.

  1. Android - 41.56% (-2.32)
  2. Windows - 28.89% (+0.56)
  3. iOS - 17.29% (+0.16)
  4. macOS - 7% (+0.33)
  5. Unknown OSes - 3.05% (+0.62)
Operating system charts from the Statcounter March 2023 report

You can find more information on the official StatCounter website.

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