Study: Almost 50% of macOS malware only comes from one app

Elastic Security Labs has recently released its 2022 Global Threat Report, which summarizes threat trends, forecasts, and recommendations for the cybersecurity industry today. According to the report, only 6.2% of malware ends up on macOS devices, compared to 54.4% and 39.4% on Windows and Linux, respectively. This is not surprising, given how Apple prioritizes security on their platform and the small desktop market share of macOS.

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What is surprising, however, is that almost 50% of all macOS malware only comes from one source: MacKeeper. Ironically, MacKeeper is a program that advertises itself as a way to "keep your Mac clean and safe with zero effort." But as Elastic explains, the program can be abused by threat actors because it has extensive permissions and access to processes and files. This means that a program designed to keep Macs secure from cyberthreats can put your system at risk.

While Elastic doesn't go beyond this information, the program has an infamous history. For starters, MacKeeper is known for being difficult to completely uninstall. Many users have also tagged the program as a malicious antivirus. And in 2014, a lawsuit was filed against its former owner Zeobit, alleging that MacKeeper fakes virus detections to scare users into paying for unnecessary fixes.

via Elastic

Aside from this, Elastic's report also found that Trojans account for over 80% of malware across every operating system. Cryptominers came in second at 11.3%, while ransomware was in third place at 3.7%.

To protect your Macs from cyberthreats, make sure to keep your OS and programs updated to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting software vulnerabilities to attack your system. Also, only install software from reliable sources and use reliable antivirus software to minimize the likelihood of your Macs contracting malware.

Source: Elastic

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