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Study claims 69 percent of Windows Phone apps are "dead"

As the smartphone market grows, Apple, Google and Microsoft all want to see their app ecosystems thrive. However, a new study claims to show that a large number of the apps in those store are considered to be "dead", meaning that the apps have less than 10 reviews and have not been updated since they were first released.

The study, conducted by mobile app testing service Stardust, was released in the form of an infographic. It claims that, in their examination of the three mobile app stores, 69 percent of the apps in the Windows Phone Store are labeled as "dead", according to Stardust's criteria. By contract, 65 percent of the apps in Apple's iOS App Store get the "dead" label. The situation is somewhat better for apps in Android's Google Play store; the study says just 41 percent of those apps can be conidered "dead".

The study also says that the iOS App Store has a daily average of 978 new apps published, along with a daily average of 806 older apps that get updates. Google Play has an average of 1,107 new apps added every day, along with 2,341 apps that get updated each day. The Windows Phone Store still lags well behind, the study says it gets just 286 new apps added every day, with 179 apps getting updates each day on average.

There's a lot more data points in Stardust's infographic, which can be seen in full below.

Source: Stardust | Images via Stardust

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