Study: Hardcore gamers get less sleep

A study released by the University of Arkansas shows that excessive gamers, defined as those who spend seven hours or more per week playing games, sleep 1.6 hours less, on average, than casual gamers.

Amanda Woolems, the principal researcher stated that prior research shows not only do gamers spend less time in bed, they have longer latency and shorter REM periods.

Woolems stated that those who took the EPworth Sleepiness Scale, and admitted addiction scored higher (meaning they are more sleepy).

In her study 137 students were examined with a mean age of 22. They took a questionnaire and the results showed that 10.81 percent agreed that gaming impacted their sleeping routines, while 12.6 percent admitted to having a 'gaming addiction'.

If not a deterrent in itself for hardcore gamers, perhaps the suggestion that those who are well rested perform better in virtual envrionments will be enough for many to tuck in early.

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