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Teams on desktop is much faster now, according to Microsoft

Screenshots of Microsoft Teams running on Windows 11

Windows 11 launched back in October 2021 with Microsoft Teams directly integrated into the OS. And while I'm personally not a fan of the implementation - because I feel that it is shoehorned -, it appears that the service has made some major strides in terms of performance.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft has highlighted all the performance gains that the desktop version of Teams has made since August 2021. To that end, it has shared some statistics from real, anonymized data from the 95th percentile. You can check out the stats below, but note that they are based on the data of the "business" version of Microsoft Teams:

  • Latency while scrolling a chat list has improved by 11.4%
  • Latency while scrolling the channel list has improved by 12.1%
  • The compose message box loads 63% faster
  • The time to switch to a channel and to open a chat window have both improved by 25%
  • Switching threads in the activity feed has become better by 17.4%
  • Switching between chat threads is 3.1% faster
  • The mute and unmute audio response during a call has improved by 16%
  • Jumping to the "Pre-meeting join" screen is better by 9%
  • Opening a calling/meeting window now loads 4.5% faster
  • There is a 13% performance difference for the better while switching from a meeting to a chat
  • Switching from a meeting to the activity feed has improved by 18.7%
  • Switching from a meeting to a channel has improved by 20%

Microsoft has credited numerous engineering efforts including the migration from Angular to React, upgrading Electron, reducing re-rendering where possible, and refactoring and incrementally improving the code for these performance gains. Although the Teams app should be faster now according to the data shared by Microsoft, we'll leave it up to our readers in the chat to validate whether these are noticeable in real-world use-cases.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Microsoft via Windows Central

Editor's note: The article was updated post-publication to clarify that these metrics are related to the desktop version of Microsoft Teams, not the integration with Windows 11. We apologize for the oversight.

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