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Tesla customers can now attach photos with their repair request via the Tesla mobile app

Tesla and Elon Musk have consistently been in the headlines for the past few months. From fiery solar panels to price hikes in China to Musk and Jack Ma debating on artificial intelligence. Today, the company announced on Twitter that the Tesla mobile app has a new feature whereby the car owners can attach photos detailing the damage with their repair requests.

In the past, people have complained of long waiting times for Tesla repair work. Certainly, the prominent YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, talked about how it "took forever while waiting for it [Tesla Apollo] to come back" in his video. But the company has been trying to reduce these times. Back in January, Tesla announced that it will be making more spare parts available at repair centers and how it wants its electric cars to preemptively call a tow-truck in case a problem is detected.

This new feature is another attempt by Tesla to cut down on waiting times. The company hopes that by giving the technicians and repairmen a chance to look at the damage in advance, they can request parts from the factory earlier and make better preparations for the repair work itself.

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