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Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot can do lane changes without confirmation in new update

Tesla has released a new update for its Navigate on Autopilot, a feature which gives active guidance to drivers on the highway. When the feature was initially launched last October, drivers would be given lane change and exit suggestions but had to use the turn stalk to confirm that they wanted to make the moves. In the latest update, however, drivers can disable confirmation and automatically accept the changes as long as their hands remain on the wheel.

In order to use this new feature, you must have purchased the Enhanced Autopilot of Full Self-Driving Capability. You must also reside in the United States (more markets are coming soon). To enable the feature, go to the Autopilot settings menu, press Customize Navigate on Autopilot and then press Enable at Start of Every Trip. Explaining the functionality after you’ve enabled the feature, Tesla says:

“Once enabled, anytime a driver is on a highway and uses Autopilot with a location plugged into the navigation bar, the feature will be on by default. If a driver selects ‘No’ to Require Lane Change Confirmation, lane changes will happen automatically, without requiring a driver to confirm them first. Drivers can elect to get notified about an upcoming lane change by receiving an audible chime as well as a default visual prompt. Additionally, all cars made after August 2017 will also have the option to have their steering wheel vibrate for the alert as well.”

The firm has already trialed the feature in its Early Access Program and has more than 500,000 miles under its belt. It also found that auto-confirm mode was comparably safe as the mode which does require confirmation to switch lanes.

For those outside of the U.S., Tesla plans to push the software update out once it has gained validation and regulatory approval in the respective markets. So you’ll have to wait a different amount of time depending on where you are.

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