The annoying Windows 10 upgrade offer gets personified in manga form

When Windows 10 was released almost a year ago, it was offered as a free upgrade to existing Windows 7 and 8.1 installations. However, while it may seem like a sweet, innocent offer to users, this has not been the case, with the 'Get Windows 10' app constantly updating to force users into upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system. For instance, a meteorologist from KCCI had her weather report disturbed by the nagging app, asking her to upgrade while she was predicting the weather. Another issue was when a Windows 10 update put an end to a 9-hour Twitch live stream, much to the gamer's horror.

With this in consideration, Twitter user @ponzholic has been very well aware of the issue, and has actually drawn a short yet accurate manga regarding frustrations with Windows 10, entitled "Windows 10-chan’s upgrade methods are escalating" (translations by Rocket News 24).

1. It Starts Off Innocent

Windows 10-chan: “Do you want to upgrade to Windows 10? It’s free!”
Me: “Eh, I appreciate the thought, but the software I use isn’t compatible with 10, so I’ll say no for now.”
Windows 10-chan: “Oh… okay….”

2. Things Start to Get Weird

Windows 10-chan: “Do you want to upgrade to Windows 10 now? Or do you want to upgrade later?”
Me: “Uh, wait a minute, are those my only two options? That’s like asking ‘Do you want rice with your meal, or would you prefer your meal with rice?'”

3. A Line Has Been Crossed

Windows 10-chan: “So will we upgrade now? Or… tonight?”
Me: “No! Stop with these meaningless choices! I don’t want to upgrade at all!”
Windows 10-chan: “Don’t worry… everyone else is doing it….”
Me: “That’s just because you’re forcing them to!”

4. The Point of No Return

Windows 10-chan: “Don’t worry, master! I scheduled an upgrade for you!”
Me: “What?! What are you doing?! Cancel! Where is the cancel button?!”

5. Too Late

Windows 10-chan: “The deed is done.”
(Windows 7’s blood on sword)
Me: “Nooo!! Stooop it!!”

While the manga got a little too creepy when it comes to personifying the Windows 10 upgrade process, we can say it is quite accurate in expressing how frustrating it can be to deal with an offer that keeps getting shoved into our faces, and even growing more clingy as time goes on. We can only advise to users affected to keep their cool when prompted with this nagware, and take the measures necessary deciding on whether to take up on the Windows 10 upgrade offer or not.

Source: @ponzholic, Rocket News 24 | Manga images via @ponzholic

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