The OnePlus 3 flagship will soon be available on O2's Refresh program in the UK

OnePlus is perhaps famous for its now defunct invite system, which caused headaches for many potential customers in years past. With the recent launch of the OnePlus 3 the company switched to a regular online buying model, but now it’s taking that one step further and bringing its flagship device to an actual carrier, O2 in the UK.

Since the beginning, OnePlus devices have been aimed at tech enthusiasts who were looking for high-end specifications in an affordable package. But with each successive handset, OnePlus broke a bit more into the mainstream, and the OnePlus 3 proved to be a big hit with consumers, even leading to month-long shortages for the small company.

But now the OnePlus 3 is back in stock online, and it’s also coming to O2 stores and customers this week. Starting on September 29th, the OnePlus 3 will be available through the carrier’s Refresh program, which lets users upgrade to a new handset before their contracts are up. Tariffs for the handsets will start at £28 per month and offer between 500MB and 20GB data.

O2 is touting that they’re the exclusive carrier for the OnePlus 3 in the UK, and Magnus McDonald, head of devices at O2, explained the move:

As the only operator in the UK to sell the OnePlus 3, we’re proud to be bringing our customers more choice when it comes to picking their next flagship phone. The OnePlus 3 offers high quality cutting edge technology and great design at an affordable price and we think our customers will love it.

We took an extensive look at the OnePlus 3 earlier this year and found it to be quite an exquisite device. If you were thinking of jumping onboard, take a look at our full review, because this might be an excellent chance to upgrade your smartphone.

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