YouTube Go will officially let you download and share videos offline

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, has announced the launch of a new app called YouTube Go. It allows for offline downloading, viewing and sharing of YouTube content, for free.

YouTube Go is the next step in Google’s efforts to bring its content to more people, even those with bad connectivity. Building on its previous efforts for offline viewing in India and other developing markets, Google wants to eventually bring YouTube Go to everyone.

As mentioned above, the app allows users to download and enjoy YouTube content even while offline. The app focuses on reducing data use and it makes clear to users how much data will be transferred while content is being downloaded, and how much space said content will need. Users can choose lower-quality settings to lower their data and storage use.

What’s more interesting is that after the content has been downloaded it can even be shared with nearby users, without using data. It’s not exactly clear whether this relies on Bluetooth, a local area network, or how many people will get to use the content before it expires.

However, many of these questions will be answered in the months ahead as the company is looking to roll out YouTube Go to more and more people for feedback. Those of you interested in the beta can sign-up right now, with a wide launch for everyone expected early next year.

Source: YouTube

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