The Photos Preview app for Windows Insiders just got updated to version 15.130.1615.0

Microsoft's Gabel Aul has announced on Twitter that the company has released the first update to a universal app, Photos Preview. The app has been bumped to version 15.130.1615.0, and depending on your time zone, you may already have it installed on your PC if you run the latest Technical Preview build of Windows 10, as the update went out on Friday.

You can download the updated Photos Preview app from the Beta Store (grey icon) in build 9926; Microsoft engineers have used some of the feedback from Insiders to make several improvements to the app. Some of the collected data suggested that people were experiencing crashes when using the app, so a lot of effort went to fixing that and improving the overall stability.

A lot of Insiders have voiced feedback on the algorithms used by AutoEnhance:

"One of the top 3 suggestions for us was improving AutoEnhance, with specific comments around some photos turning out a little grainy. We’ve fine tuned the noise removal algorithm and it is ready for you to try! (your collection will automatically get the new version of AutoEnhancements, to see the noise reduction you should zoom in on a photo)."

Performance was also an issue when rendering thumbnails in the List View, it has been greatly improved in this version. Features such as Albums and Folder View are still not available, but they'll likely come in a future update. As for making the app better, don't hesitate to use the Feedback app to provide suggestions for the Microsoft engineers, because they do listen.

Source: Gabe Aul

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