The Rock will not star in Doom movie

The Rock will not play the central role in the forthcoming Doom movie, id Software reps confirmed over the weekend, although its possible that he will figure in some way. Speaking at QuakeCon during a Q&A session, id staff commented on recent reports concerning Dwayne Johnson aka The Rocks involvement, which originated with UK film magazine Empire.

According to reps, he will not play Doomguy, but it is possible that he could take on the role of a Sergeant if he does come on board - although, as reported at the time, that all depends on whether the John Woo-helmed adaptation of the Spy-Hunter game is pushed back or not.

id reps also confirmed that the movie script is almost finished, but very little other work has been done yet. The developer is reportedly happy with it at this stage though - we just hope its a bit better than the infamous Doom comic that we found in our id Anthology box sets in the late 90s. The pain still burns inside us.

Meanwhile, QuakeCon attendees were also brought up to date on some other aspects of Doom IIIs continued development. According to reports, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is due a few weeks after the games first patch (although who knows when that will arrive), the Linux server is done and the client is due soon, the Mac port isnt finished and has no publisher attached right now, and the Doom III Xbox is due "when its done". No surprises there then.

News source: EuroGamer

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