This is what original Xbox games will look like on the Xbox One S and One X

We are only a couple weeks away from the retail release of the Xbox One X and Microsoft is full steam ahead with the debut of its latest campaign. There are many new titles that will be available for the console but the firm has done a great job of also bringing some of the old classics back through its Backward Compatibility program. What came as a bit of surprise during this year's E3 was the announcement of original Xbox games being added to that list and starting tomorrow, gamers will be able to take advantage.

While we have previously reported on the list of games that will be coming on October 24, we thought it would be also important to show off what kind of quality you can expect when playing these original games on the Xbox One. Although these games will look better when playing on newer consoles, with up to four times the pixel count on the Xbox One and One S, and up to 16 times more on the Xbox One X, it is good to remember that these are not remastered. What that means is that the finer details like online multiplayer and achievements for the games will not be available.

If you're curious to see how much different these games will look, you can check out the sample of videos in the post to get an idea. It is certainly amazing to see games in a new light and should make replaying some of your favorites more enjoyable. Microsoft has also stated that they expect to release another curated list of original Xbox titles in spring of 2018.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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