This is Windows 8 running on Microsoft Surface 1.0 [Video]

We all know that Windows 8 will work well on a touch screen computer. One of Microsoft’s biggest touch screen devices, it’s Microsoft surface product, would be an interesting option for installing Windows 8.

One courageous individual has done just that, they installed Windows 8 on Microsoft Surface 1.0. The interface, as expected, works well in the touch based environment: Windows 8 running on Surface 1.0 can be viewed in the video below.

While the interface does work well, there are a couple of exceptions as Windows 8 was not intended to run on surface (at least for now). Microsoft Surface was designed to be used on all sides of the device, as such; Windows 8 is only useable from a single orientation.

Seeing Windows 8 on such a large screen does show some limitations of the OS as stated by

For one, everything is oriented in one direction, and two, I need to reach too far to get to certain interface elements across the table. That's the opposite of the ergonomic intent of the immersive mode, which was design for smaller screens and slates.

While we know that Windows 8 can be installed on many different devices, to see it on Microsoft Surface does show that touch screens can become too big for the interface. Of course, this is an early Developer Preview; Microsoft may already have a modified UI for screens of this size.

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