This was the first video on YouTube, posted 13 years ago on this day

It was on this day, 13 years ago, that the first video was posted to streaming service YouTube. Despite being the first video on the platform, it has only racked up 48 million views since that time. This is quite minuscule compared to juggernauts like Despacito and See You Again that have crossed the billion mark.

The young man featured in the video is Jawed Karim, best known for his work at PayPal and also his contributions to YouTube. After meeting the site's co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Karim became an adviser to the firm, and subsequently uploaded the first video to the platform.

A lot has certainly changed over the years, as the service has experienced quite a few ups and downs. The tensions between content creators and the platform have been slowly coming to a head, as monetization changes have threatened incomes of many contributors. The service will continue to grow, but it remains to be seen how YouTube will be able to service its community and resolve its issues with content creators.

Source: YouTube (Twitter)

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