Titanfall 2's upcoming free DLC brings the cooperative four player mode, Frontier Defense

Another free DLC pack is on its way for Titanfall 2, and this time its quite a bit different than any of the previous month's offerings. The upcoming Operation Frontier Shield update will bring a highly anticipated cooperative game mode known as Frontier Defense over from the original Titanfall. The update's announcement arrived with a booming new gameplay trailer as well, seen above.

For the unfamiliar, the game mode is a cooperative experience where four pilots must defend a harvester against waves of various enemy types that increase in ferocity as the match progresses. Players earn cash as a spendable currency for purchasing various tools to fight against the waves, such as Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries, and more.

There will be four difficulty levels to choose from, ranging from easy, regular, hard, and master, with an additional insane difficulty, which will only be available as a featured mode. There will also be a new Titan progression system named Aegis Ranks included in the update, used for unlocking various Titan upgrades in the new game mode.

The Frontier Defense mode will support five maps at launch, with more planned for the future. The maps currently planned to support the new mode include Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Blackwater Canal, and Rise.

Rise is one of the two new maps also arriving for free with the update, which is a fan-favorite returning from the original Titanfall. The map takes place in a vast abandoned desert reservoir, with long sight lines, plenty of towers to wall run on, and zip lines for good measure.

Meanwhile, the second map is a new Live Fire exclusive one named Township. As with all Live Fire maps, Township is quite compact, with a few modularly constructed houses serving as cover.


In addition, there are quite a few new weapons and Titan cosmetic skins arriving with the update as well, which are purchasable with real money in-game.

In the announcement, Respawn Entertainment added that the game's player count has continued to increase over the past months. Titanfall 2 is also on track to arrive for EA Access and Origin Access subscription services sometime in the coming months, which will surely help in boosting the shooter's player base even more.

Operation Frontier Defense DLC is slated to be released for free on July 25 for all Titanfall 2 owners on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Respawn

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