Hundreds of trypophobes apparently a bit off put by iPhone 11 Pro

If you saw the news coming out of Apple’s September event earlier this week, you’ll have seen the new triple camera design. The layout is already used on some phones but when Apple releases a product you know everyone from your cat to your grandparents will have heard the announcement. Apparently, those with a fear defined by Reddit back in 2005 as “Trypophobia”, are now being triggered by the iPhone 11 Pro.

Allegedly, those afflicted with trypophobia, which is not officially recognised as a mental disorder, have an aversion to the sight of a cluster of small holes, just like those on the iPhone 11 Pro.

According to one study, those with trypophobia, respond with fear and disgust at the sight of irregularly patterned small holes; to be fair to Apple, Android fanboys have also been greeting each iPhone iteration with disgust for years so it’ll be used to the reaction.

According to various sources, exposure therapy is supposed to help a reducing the effects phobias have on a person. Although trypophobia isn’t recognised yet it’s likely that exposure therapy could have some benefits for lessening the apparent effects. While buying a pack of crumpets and staring at them would certainly be the economical method of exposing yourself to small holes, buying Apple’s fear-inducing iPhone may also help tame the condition.

Via: BBC News

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