Twitter now supports animated GIFs

Have you been dying to share your emotions in the form of an animated GIF on Twitter? Thats been impossible since the social network first launched, as it automatically compresses images into JPG files, but now thats changed – starting today, users can tweet animated GIFs on the Twitter website as well as its Android and iPhone apps.

The social networks support account announced the news with a tweet containing an animated GIF. As with the networks previous image system, the interface shows that GIFs will also be compressed for speedier viewing on the mobile-centric platform. The image in the support accounts tweet, seen below, animates when clicked.

Unfortunately for Windows Phone users, Twitters app for Microsofts smartphone operating system doesnt yet support tweeting animated GIFs. Given that the Twitter app for Windows Phone hasnt been updated since November, it seems unlikely the support will be added anytime soon, especially since several other significant updates havent been added to the app when its Android and iOS counterparts received them.

Source: Twitter Support

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