Ultra SPARC goes higher than 1GHz!

Spotted this over at The Register and I thought UltraSPARC fans may like it, so here it goes :D

Sun is expected to announce the introduction of Gigahertz processors on Monday, the first time Sun has shipped SPARCS clocked higher than 1GHz. The SunBlade 1000 will be the first to receive the 1,050MHz SPARC IIIs.

It isn't the first RISC chip to reach the milestone: Compaq's Alpha can claim that prize. But coming so soon after the introduction of 900Mhz processors, and after a refresh of the Sun Fire with 900MHz SPARCs for the 3800, 4800, 4810 and 6800 a couple of weeks ago, it looks like Sun and SPARC partner TI have put most of the USIII yield issues behind them.

News source: The Register - Sun takes UltraSPARC past 1GHz

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