Video shows 300 bent iPhone 6 handsets - far more than the 9 units Apple said was affected

Bentgate, or Bendgate, if you prefer, is a saga that Apple no doubt wishes would just go away. Shortly after its lovely, shiny, new - and very thin - iPhone 6 and 6 Plus had gone on sale, reports began to emerge from users claiming that the handsets were literally bending, without significant pressure being exerted upon them.

Apple moved quickly to refute any allegations of a design or construction flaw with its new phone, and pointed out that of the ten million handsets that were purchased during the first weekend of sales, just nine customers around the world had complained of their iPhones bending.

However, it seems that the problem was actually much more widespread than Apple has led people to believe. As BGR reports, a website was set up in response to Apple's claims that complaints about the issue numbered just nine in total.

A consumer action group identifying itself as 'One of the Nine' set out to collect images from users whose iPhone 6 or 6 Plus handsets had bent without significant force, and it has put together a video showing photos of over 300 handsets that have suffered this kind of damage.

Now, let's keep things in perspective: 300 devices is still a drop in the ocean compared with the millions and millions of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets that have been sold so far. But it's certainly worth noting that this issue isn't going away quite like Apple will have hoped, and it appears to affect more people than Apple indicated.

Source: One of the Nine (YouTube) via BGR | image via Macbidouille

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