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You can now use IE on any OS, including iOS, with RemoteIE from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced a new tool today called RemoteIE that works via the Azure Remote app. This free service allows you to run the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Windows 10 Technical Preview on any device - this includes OS X, iOS and Android too - without the need for a virtual machine.

The reason Microsoft built this tool is to make it easier for developers to build content for the latest version of Internet Explorer, no matter their choice of OS. For example, if you run Windows 7 and want to test out the latest version of Internet Explorer, you can now use RemoteIE to test your site using the browser without having to fire up a VM.

The cool part about this service is that you can even run IE on your iPad or Android device too. This gives developers who exclusively work in those environments the ability to test their products with the latest version of IE without having to buy additional hardware or software.

The app works by leveraging Microsoft's Azure platform and builds upon the Windows Server Remote Desktop Services infrastructure. In short, you stream IE from the cloud to your local device. Seeing that this is for developers, don't expect IE to run as fast as a native browser when streaming from Azure.

You can check out the new app at the link below.

View: RemoteIE

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