Wal-Mart Sells $199 Linux Computer

Hey, two Wal-Mart stories in a row. No conspiracy here, I promise.

Quote -
Linux, the free operating system that's a perpetual underdog in the desktop market, is showing up in computers in Wal-Mart stores this week for the first time.

About 600 Wal-Mart stores will carry the $199 Linux-powered "Green gPC" made by Everex of Taiwan, Wal-Mart said. It was available online on Wednesday.

A comparable Everex PC that comes with Windows Vista Home Basic and more memory costs $99 more, or $298, partly because the manufacturer has to pay Microsoft Corp. for a software license. Both computers come with keyboard, mouse, and speakers, but no monitor.

But here's the $199 question: How many of these will sell? Their last Linux venture didn't turn out so well and I don't see this one being any different.

markjensen in the forum also makes an interesting point mentioning that the OS mentioned on the product page references "gOS", not Linux.

News source: [Associated Press] via [Back Page News]

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