WhatsApp may be getting a new vacation mode and linked accounts feature soon

As things like 'Do not disturb', night light, dark mode and other accessibility features sweep the software landscape, WhatsApp, too, is working on making its app not just work well, but also be less intrusive.

To that end, the company has already released a mute option for chats that are spamming you with too many messages in the notifications tray. Alongside this, the company is reported to have turned on a new silent mode for all users that hides app badges for chats you have muted. This means your launcher won't show a notification dot if you receive a message from such chats.

Similar to this is the Vacation Mode, which pertains to archived chats. Normally, a chat will be automatically be unarchived by WhatsApp once you receive a new message through it; vacation mode will change this by ensuring that archived chats remain so even after you receive a new message. This may be a helpful means of ignoring group or personal messages you don't want to participate in without having to leave the group entirely or block the person on the other end.

Lastly, the report also includes a 'Linked Accounts' option as part of a trio of new features being worked on. This would allow you to link your WhatsApp account with external services; the only currently working example cited by the report is Instagram. The feature seems far more suited for WhatsApp Business, but there are some indications that it may also be featured on the regular app.

The report suggests the ability to recover your Facebook account, for example, as one of the ways in which linking accounts may serve a purpose for everyday users.

Source: WABetaInfo

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