Windows 7 RTM as early as 2009?

With the holiday season approaching us, Microsoft has planned to release its Windows 7 to your desktop as early as next holiday season 2009, Doug Howe, a spokesperson for Microsoft said.

"Definitely the holiday focus is going to be on 7" Howe said, hinting that Windows 7 could be running on your desktop next holiday season. Still in early stages of their Windows 7 beta, Microsoft could once again be rushing their next operating system to RTM, like Vista was.

If Microsoft pushes for the 2009 holiday season, leaving just a little over one year until the estimated release date for Windows 7, this could deter users from jumping onto the next major release from Microsoft, like many did with Windows Vista.

Even with a very impressive demonstration of Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System at PDC 2008, are hardware manufactures going to be ready with the promised touch screen interface that comes loaded in Windows 7?

Microsoft stated the next few months are critical, as it focuses on approving start up and shut down times, as well as wake up and sleep times. This period will also focus on shipping Windows 7 with compatible, stable drivers and software that has been prove to be Vista-compatible.

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