Windows 8 gets a nice Explorer feature

Sometimes, small features can make a huge difference in the overall workflow of an OS.

According to tech-exclusive, the newest feature to be uncovered in leaked builds of Windows 8 is a very nifty drag and drop function in Windows Explorer. If you’re familiar with the Vista and 7 implementations of the Explorer address bar, you’ll recognize the separated format of the address. Each step in the path is its own clickable link, making for easy navigation upwards in a directory tree. Windows 8 is implementing a feature that allows you to drag a file or folder onto any one of those links, moving the object into that folder. Currently, you have to cut and paste the object, hope that the destination folder is viewable in the sidebar, or open another Explorer window to get the job done (and we’re well aware that there may be other arcane and obscure shortcuts to accomplish this).

Image credit: tech-exclusive

It may seem inconsequential, but it’s small touches like this, small improvements to tasks that many of us do multiple times a day, that help make an OS easier to use overall.

As Windows 8 features continue to be uncovered, we’ll hopefully see more of this kind of streamlining. Windows Explorer is an integral part of the Windows experience, and we’d hate to see it ignored relative to other improvements.

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