Windows 8 "Hybrid Boot" discovered

We've seen a steady flow of Windows 8 news this past month, and it's not ready to stop yet. Earlier this week an old build of Windows 8 was leaked online, and many flocked to download the bits. Today, a site has uncovered a feature that appears to replace the operating systems default shutdown behavior so that the computer can start up even quicker.

Windows 8 Italia uncovered the feature which looks like it is a replacement for the current Windows shutdown behavior. The feature uses advanced hibernation functionality when the computer is shut down (instead of actually shutting it down) and allows the machine to start up faster. The article on Windows 8 Italia actually is a troubleshooting reference for a problem which apparently is caused by the new feature when two operating systems are installed. 

The feature is found by typing "power button" into the start menu, and then clicking "Change settings that are currently unavailable." It appears that Microsoft is changing the behavior quietly as it strives to decrease loading times when compared to Windows 7. 

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 in 2012 with the current rumored retail availability for January 2013. Another rumor also suggests that there may be a beta as soon as this fall.

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