Windows 8 now allows consumers to install OEM versions

They are the bane of anyone who uses most kinds of software products: the End User License Agreements. Most of the time, we have to click on an "Agree" box below a ton of confusing legal terms for EULAs in order to use software products and only a fraction of people even read them, much less understand them.

You have to agree to the EULA before you use Microsoft's Windows 8 OS. However, a new article at claims that Microsoft has made some changes in its software agreements for Windows 8 that make them easier to read compared to EULAs that have been provided in the past for previous versions of Windows.

More importantly for regular consumers, Microsoft is allowing them to purchase and install the version of Windows 8 that's normally reserved for OEMs. This under a new Windows 8 license called Personal Use License for System Builder.

According to the terms of the Personal Use License for System Builder:

We do not sell our software or your copy of it – we only license it. Under our license, we grant you the right to install and run that one copy on one computer (the licensed computer) as the operating system on a computer that you build for your personal use, or as an additional operating system running on a local virtual machine or a separate partition, subject to the restrictions outlined under “Are there things I’m not allowed to do with the software?”

This change will allow people who build their own PCs from scratch to purchase and install the OEM version of Windows 8; pricing for this Personal Use License version has not been revealed.

Source: ZDNet
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