Windows and Xbox 360 can still be sold in Germany for now

If you live in Germany and wanted to get a new copy of Windows or an Xbox 360 console, you can still do so ... at least for now. The Seattle Times reports this week that a federal judge in Seattle has allowed Microsoft to continue to sell products from those two divisions of that company in Germany while it continues its court case against Motorola.

The dispute started in 2010 when Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Motorola, claiming it was not providing its patents relating to online video and wireless at a fair price. Naturally, Motorola fired back with its own lawsuit, filed in Germany, against Microsoft in 2011, claiming Microsoft was in violation of Motorola's patents.

Motorola was seeking an injunction against Microsoft from selling its products in Germany but this week, Judge James Robart decided in Microsoft favor. However, that situation could change if the courts decide to rule in favor of Motorola in the main patent case. There's no word on when that might happen.

Microsoft issued a statement after the judge's ruling, saying:

Motorola promised to make its patents available to Microsoft and other companies on fair and reasonable terms. Today's ruling means Motorola can't prevent Microsoft from selling products until the court decides whether Motorola has lived up to its promise.

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