Windows Phone likes to party, city tour expanded

Microsoft announced not long ago that it would be taking Windows Phone on the road to show of its latest goods to the general public. If you were pouting that it wasn't coming to your location, Microsoft has added new locations to its tour on the Windows team blog.

The entire tour is posted below and should help Microsoft gain valuable exposure for its mobile OS. Microsoft is calling the tour the "Windows Phone Inner Circle" which is an interesting choice for the name as it hints that their is exclusivity with the roadshow. To get into one of the shows, make sure to hit the registration link here to get your name on the list.

"Called the 'Windows Phone Inner Circle' Tour, we’re showing up all over the US –starting at GDGT Live in LA on 10/28 - with a chance for you to get your hands on the latest and greatest Window Phone hardware coming this holiday. In addition to phone play time, we will get a little food and drink in your belly too."

Microsoft knows that the best way to get exposure to its brand is to bring it directly to the consumers. Currently the tour is limited only to US cities, there is no word on if Microsoft will take its tour abroad. 

  • 28-Oct L.A GDGT Live & after party
  • 2-Nov SF - featuring the new HTC Radar 4G from T-Mobile
  • 7-Nov NYC
  • 9-Nov Miami
  • 9-Nov San Diego
  • 9-Nov DC
  • 9-Nov Denver
  • 10-Nov Baltimore
  • 10-Nov St. Louis
  • 11-Nov Chicago
  • 14-Nov Boston
  • 14-Nov Atlanta
  • 14-Nov Houston
  • 16-Nov Philadelphia
  • 16-Nov Charlotte
  • 17-Nov Dallas
  • 17-Nov Nashville
  • 17-Nov Phoenix
  • 21-Nov Seattle

Is the road show coming to your city, do you plan to attend? 

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