Windows Phone now fully supported by PhoneGap

If you are a mobile application developer, chances are you have heard of PhoneGap. If not, PhoneGap is the only open sourced mobile framework that supports 7 different platforms. In a nutshell, it makes coding your application on all of the major mobile platforms a much simpler process.

If you have been using PhoneGap and have been waiting for it to fully support Windows Phone, today is your lucky day as version 1.3 has rolled out, via Port 25. This is good news not only for developers but also users of Windows Phone as it is now easier for developers to push applications to that platform. You can see in the chart below all of PhoneGap's support:

The chart above indicates that this latest update brings it inline with Apple's iOS and Android for portability. Microsoft has been working directly with PhoneGap to make this a possibility which again shows Microsoft's commitment to application developers.

If you are interested to learn more, you can head over to PhoneGap's site and see how this framework can make developing applications for multiple platforms a smaller pill to swallow. 


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