Windows Phone Store in 2012: 75,000 new apps, 300,000 updates

Yesterday the folks at the Windows Phone Developer Blog posted some interesting numbers regarding their mobile platform. Most of them are in regards to apps and the Windows Phone Store and they paint a pretty positive picture for Microsoft.

According to them 2012 was a very good year for Windows Phone and its developers, with over 75,000 new apps being published in the store and more than 300,000 app updates being submitted across the year. This results in an average of 54 apps being downloaded on every phone.

Expanding payment options for users has been a key focus for Microsoft who have been working hard to implement alternative payment methods such as Paypal, Alipay and carrier billing. Due to this effort Microsoft says developer revenue has increased by 40% since the launch of their Windows Phone 8 SDK about a month ago.

The number of supported markets has also seen a huge increase. Only 35 markets were supported by Microsoft at the start of 2012 but now that number has just reached 191 markets with the launch of Windows Phone 8, resulting in an over 95% increase in the number of potential customers.

According to the Windows Phone blog there has never been a better time for Windows Phone or its developers so this might be a great time for other devs to jump onboard.

Via: WMPU Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog | Image via Microsoft

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