Windows XP Media Center Edition Beta 2 Screenshots

This just in from Tech-Critic:

Haven't we all been hearing for a while now about Windows Media Center Edition. Some of us do not know what it is and yet some of us do know what it is. For the people who do not know what Windows Media Center or MCE for short is a little shell that sits basically on top of windows that has a few shortcuts and stuff ike for T.V. and etc. that Bill Gates started funding for his personal use back in 1990's to actually integrate his PC with Entertainment System. He liked it so much he acually then made it public.

Now The beta testing for it started last year and it was a pretty huge success when Microsoft selected the Beta Testers to test it out. Now the Beta 2 has started now in some parts of the World and we have gotten exclusive Screenshots thanks to Janis, a member of ours. So Enjoy!

View: Media Center Edition Beta Screenshots @ Tech-Critic

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