Wireless BBQ Temperature Sensor

I figured we could use a little lighter news as well today. This little guy can help those that are "BBQ Challenged." =)

I am the ultimate (no nothing to do with Vista) meat and potatoes kind of guy. When I pull out the BBQ everything has to be perfect. Unfortunately, with my family around, the kids playing and the radio blaring, it's easy to get distracted and forget about my meat. Lucky for us that Maverick Industries has created this nice little battery-operated remote thermometer.

Simply insert probe into meat, set the desired level of cooking (rare, medium rare, medium, or well), place the wireless receiver in your pocket and mingle with the crowd. You can travel up to 100 feet away and still be aware of what's going on with your sausage.

You can even use this as a timer or a clock, to measure how long you've been at it. Counts up or counts down, then beeps when done. At a price of $79.99 this will only be worth while for the BBQ freaks in the group.

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