Preview of Two Upcoming Maps for Day of Defeat: Source

One of the members (UgLyPuNk) of the Internode Games Network staff recently received a chance to visit the headquarters of video game maker Valve and get an idea of how things work behind the scenes. During his visit, UgLyPuNk actually had a chance to sit down and play a game of Day of Defeat: Source with some members of the Valve team.

While playing the game, he actually got a chance to play on two new maps that are expected to be released soon: dod_colmar and dod_jagd. Both take place in war time villages giving the player a close quarters combat feeling while still offering multiple routes to help each team accomplish their goal. Think that goal is capturing flags? You'd be surprised.

Valve has decided to add some variation into the gameplay and is going to use the two new maps to introduce a new style of gameplay. While varying slightly in objectives, the basic idea of each map is similar: Grab the explosive charge and destroy an enemy vehicle/location. The explosives take a few seconds to plant and can be defused before detonating, making sure that a single rogue player won't win a round instantaneously without requiring any help from his team.

While Valve has refused to give a date for release, many expect this major update to appear sometime in June. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

News source: Internode Games

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