Xbox Live account migration tool goes live for all users

A few weeks back we broke word that Microsoft was working on making the process to port your Xbox Live account much, much easier. What used to take up to six weeks to process is now becoming a much simpler endeavor.

Microsoft has gone live with the account migration tool and you can find out all the details to port your account and the source link below.

If you have wanted to migrate regions but have held off from doing so, the process is now streamlined and should save you a few headaches. You should note that the process is not perfect as content you have purchased may not be available in all regions.

Microsoft has stated the following items may not be moved when changing regions:

What can’t move:

Some services you use now might not be available in your new region.

To find info about services, like TV providers, available in a specific region, visit the website for that region. (To find that other region’s website, click the name of your current region at the bottom of any page.)

Xbox Music subscriptions can’t be moved.

If you have a current Xbox Music subscription, it will be cancelled as part of the move. Any subscription time remaining can’t be refunded.

Some content may be blocked in the new region because of legal obligations or regional restrictions.

Before you change your region, make sure you’ve downloaded any purchased content you want to keep, like movies or music. Content purchases aren’t refundable.

So there you have it, the Xbox Live region porting tool is now active for all users and takes only a few minutes to complete.

If you do use the porting tool, let us know how it works out for you. We suspect Microsoft has done significant QA testing on the tool and doubt that end users will have any issues. 

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