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17 December 2005
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Few things have the capability to shape the face of the world in a monumental way. Technology is one of those things. Mitch began working with technology at an early age by taking apart computers and attempting to reassemble them. Since this time the computer has become an integral part of his daily life. While Mitch's computer use has largely limited to academic work as of late he still finds time to dabble in different Linux flavors, test-drive new software and play a few RPGs.

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Death and Social Networking

· · Hot! with 23 comments

Ever wondered what happens to Facebook profiles when their owner dies? As we previously reported, the social networking giant implements memorial pages. It can be quite depressing for family and friends to login to their...


DirectX 11 coming to Vista

· · Hot! with 48 comments

As with Windows Vista, the newest version of Windows brings with it a newer version of Microsoft's DirectX. Windows 7 was released with Direct X 11 support, and it was initially thought that Direct X...


Apple App Store Milestone: 100,000 apps

· · Hot! with 29 comments

Reaching yet another milestone, Apple's App Store has broken the 100,000 approved applications mark. According to TheNextWeb, Apple has approved 101,713 applications and games. Of course, not all of these are available immediately as many...


Facebook makes you jealous

· · Hot! with 37 comments

A study from the University of Guelph has linked Facebook usage with an increase in relationship jealousy. It is reported that certain "triggers" can increase relationship friction. The leader of the study, Amy Muise, said...

Facebook turns party into riot

· · Hot! with 83 comments

There are many reasons not to advertise sensitive information on the internet, one of which being the possibility that a police helicopter will be summoned to your home. Reports indicate that a party initially...

Flickr adds Twitter integration

· with 9 comments

Flickr has launched Twitter integration. The Flickr Blog reports that Twitter functionality has been added to the photo management tool. You can upload photos to both Flickr and Twitter, or use the functionality to tweet...


Apple purchases more Imagination

· · Hot! with 7 comments

Making news in the financial world today is the story of a small UK based chip designer who is being regarded by technology giants Intel and Apple as an integral investment. Imagination Technologies is based...