Harry Potter style newspapers to become a reality

We are probably all aware of what a Harry Potter style newspaper looks like (The Daily Prophet). Moving images on the page, playing out a newsworthy scene or a wanted poster. Such newspapers are surely that of fantasy, right? Not according to BBC News.

Appearing in the September 18 editions of Entertainment Weekly in Los Angeles and New York, slim-line screens will be embedded into the printed pages to offer video in these paper magazines.

The technology is similar to that of singing greeting cards, as the chips that store the video (up to 40 minutes worth) are activated upon a page turn.

The first units will display advertisements from Pepsi and CBS, and are expected to revolutionize magazine advertisement.

The screens are 2.7mm thick and offer a 320x240 resolution, can store 40 minutes of video and have a battery that can be recharged via USB which will last for 70 minutes.

These may not be the workings of the wizard world, but they are surely fantastical in their own respect.

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