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SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

SmoothVideo Project

SVP allows you to watch any video on your PC file with frame interpolation (like you can watch it on high-end TVs and projectors). It increases frame rate by generating intermediate animation frames between existing ones to produce very smooth, fluid and clear motion. The technology is well-known for a while ("TrimensionDNM", "Motion Plus", "Motionflow" and others), but now it's available for free to PC users with simple GUI and just a couple of mouse clicks.

SVP provides GPU acceleration and it's possible to watch FullHD 1080p-video recalculated to 60Hz in real-time with mid-range CPU and almost any GPU hardware. SVP actually is not a video player itself, but it enables almost any player to play smooth video.

SVP changelog:

Manager - - 2018-05-04

  • mpv: automatically turn on deinterlace mode if needed
  • mpv: match SVP settings with the deinterlace mode set by user
  • "Is variable frame rate" profile condition
  • attempt to fix incorrectly reported source frame rate: "Treat 23.810 as 23.976" option
  • empty "outer lighting" for fixing stereo pairs aspect ratio
  • lowered minimum allowed buffer size for ffdshow (will reduce lag if needed)
  • fixed heavy stuttering caused by false seek detection in some cases
  • fixed ffdshow script error when Windows user name contains characters absent from local code page
  • fixed SVP's "Open file via mpv" may open video in other mpv-based video player running
  • fixed VLC script error when Windows user name contains characters absent from local code page
  • fixed GPU acceleration error after hardware upgrades
  • fixed incorrect frame size alignment after cropping in some cases (may lead to green line at the bottom)
  • fixed non-zero disk usage in idle state
  • various small fixes

Code extension - - 2018-05-04

  • option to transcode currently playing video
  • fixed default subtitles burned into the video
  • do not delete intermediate file until the "Finish" button is pressed
  • fixed transcoding failure with some files due to mkvmerge warnings
  • fixed incorrect frame size reported for 3D videos
  • more verbose error reporting

Tube extension - - 2018-05-04

  • re-stream via SVPcast instantly
  • option for Adobe Pass authentication
  • pass "HTTP referer" to the video player if possible (required by some video hosting services)
  • pass media title to the video player if possible
  • fixed possible crash due to conflicting Python installations
  • youtube-dl updated to 2018.05.01

Cast extension (BETA) - - 2018-05-04

  • AppleTV via AirPlay (requires Bonjour installation on Windows)
  • option to stream multi-channel AC3 audio (may not be supported by some devices)
  • can re-stream another live stream (from SVPtube)
  • fixed streaming may abort before the video ends

SVPflow - - 2018-05-04

  • fixed incorrect outer lighting when light.length=0 (needed for 3D AR fix)

Changes in SVP Manager -

  • one more attempt to fix incorrectly reported source frame rate: "Treat 23.810 as 23.976" option

Cast extension (BETA) - - 2018-05-06 / Code extension - - 2018-05-06

  • force deinterlace when needed

Download: SmoothVideo Project (SVP) | 9.5 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
View: SmoothVideo Project Homepage | Other Operating Systems

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