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wyBuild 1.2 is now out

With wyBuild you can deliver updates of your software to your users fast. No confusing interfaces - just simplicity. Make your users happy by keeping them up-to-date. They'll love having the latest bug-free versions of your software. They'll talk far and wide about how great your software is.

Make your current users happy, attact more users, and make more money all with wyBuild.

New Features:

  • You can now build updates from the commandline
  • Trials are now 14 non-consecutive days (that is, if your try it January 1st, forget about for a month, then try it again February 1st, you still have 13 trial days left.)
  • Rename to wyBuild from wyUpdate Professional Designer
  • wyUpdate, the open source updater, can now gracefully handle Shut Down & Log Off requests while your product is being updated.

Notable Bugfixes:

  • "Build updates" crashes when a version range other than oldest/newest is chosen.
  • Executables in the temp folder should be allowed to run before or after the update.
  • The 'client.wyc' file shouldn't be delta compressed (because it will always fail to patch, thus bandwidth is being wasted)
  • Crash when a new folder created in the FTP browser is double clicked.
  • When files fail to upload the error message is vague and useless.
  • Update the Greek & Russian languages.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language (thanks Jenner).
  • Some minor UI speed issues fixed.
  • Obscure bug where the version tab selected didn't match the version info/files/reg shown.
  • Plus much more.

Open Source
The wyUpdate is open source (BSD license). Download the source and begin hacking away. It's C# 2.0 code.

The wyBuild 14-day trial last for 14 non-consecutive days. That is, you can use wyBuild for once a month for the whole year and still have two trial days left. Or you can use it for 14-days in a row. It's your choice. This trial has no limitations and no popup-nags.

wyBuild costs $85 and can be used for unlimited products and unlimited customers.

Download: Download wyBuild 1.2 now
Video: >> Short video intro to wyBuild
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