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2-D Holograms Make 3-D Color Display

Researchers from Seoul National University have developed a three-dimensional color display that uses a set of six holograms and is made from relatively compact and inexpensive components. The three-dimensional displays could eventually be used to display any type of dynamic data for use in entertainment, art, medicine, and military applications.

The autostereoscopic system consists of red, green and blue laser diodes, a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator and a projection lens, and is 60 centimeters long. It generates slightly different images for the left and right eyes to produce the effect of natural three-dimensional vision. Rather than three-dimensional holograms, which are difficult to calculate, the system produces two-dimensional red, green and blue holograms for each eye. These holograms are reproduced by shining a laser through a liquid-crystal display that shows the holograms' light and dark patterns.

News source: Technology Review

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