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A Windows Mobile 2003 Test Drive

So, you have Pocket PC running PPC2002 and are wondering whether to get hold of your OEM update to Windows Mobile 2003. Is it going to be worth the effort and / or cost?

Over at PPCW.Net there's an excellent round up of their 7 day test:

    I really enjoyed the snappier response of the Windows Mobile 2003 powered MyPal A620 which made activating applications so much easier and less time consuming. Having noted all the basic differences between the older Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices, I made use of the improved interface design which I feel should have been there in the first place. Well, using all the new, updated applications, experiencing the improved performance, experiencing the true power of [my device] was such a pleasing experience.

    After getting used to Windows Mobile 2003, my Pocket PC 2002 seems to fall short on every aspect... The Connection Manager seems as if it mismanages everything, and why does my Pocket Internet Explorer not open the pages I was enjoying a while ago?

Well worth a read IMHO, as is each installment of the test.

View: Is Windows Mobile 2003 worth the upgrade?

News source: PPCW.net

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