AlephNote 1.6.38


AlephNote is a lightweight front-end for multiple online note provider written in C#. The remote provider are all different plugins and everyone can write new ones. Notes can be saved locally or synchronized with cloud services including Simplenote, Standard Note, Nextcloud/ownCloud.


  • Synchronization with SimpleNote
  • Synchronization with Nextcloud Notes
  • Synchronization with Standard Notes
  • Usage without remote provider (= headless plugin)
  • In-editor markdown rendering (similar to qownnotes)
  • interactive highlighting of checkbox lists (e.g. TODO lists)
  • clickable + highlighted links
  • (optionally) backup all notes to local git repo (for backup / history)
  • Drop files/text directly into app to create notes
  • Sort notes into folders
  • simulate folders for notes with remote provider that do not support folders (path is encoded in filename)
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Readonly mode

AlephNote Settings

AlephNote 1.6.38 changelog:

This is a hotfix release for the StandardNotes bug #182. A proper fix will also come, but needs more time (I will need to implement the new 004 StandardNotes protocol, which also means upgrading the project to .netstandard2.0 ... ugh) ... see the standardnotes-004 branch. All this release includes is the new (1.6.2) version of the StandardNotes plugin.

Plugins included by default

  • FilesystemPlugin v1.2.14
  • HeadlessPlugin v1.4.11
  • NextcloudPlugin v1.2.14
  • SimpleNotePlugin v1.2.12
  • StandardNotePlugin v1.6.2

Download: AlephNote 1.6.38 | 3.0 MB (Open Source)
View: AlephNote Website | GitHub Page

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