Amazon hires former Microsoft Windows Phone exec for secret project

In August 2011, Charlie Kindel decided to depart Microsoft after 21 years. Kindel worked in a number of divisions at the company and his last job was as the general manager for Windows Phone as its third party app evangelist. Today, Kindel confirmed that he is now working at Amazon but it's not clear exactly what he will be doing for the online retailer. reports that, according to Kindel's updated page, he is in charge of creating a team that will work on something that's "a totally new area for Amazon". The only real clue as to what that might be is that the team is hiring "cloud and mobile developers and testers". There have been previous rumors that Amazon is working to develop its own Android smartphone but so far those reports have not been confirmed.

After departing Microsoft in 2011, Kindel was the co-founder and CEO of a startup company called BizLogr that created a calendar app for generating automated mileage reports called MileLogr. Kindel has now departed his role as CEO of BizLogr to join Amazon. He told GeekWire in a statement, "Amazon presented an opportunity to build something new that has ginormous potential. I simply couldn’t pass the opportunity up."

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