Amazon UK to give away nearly £40 worth of apps on Christmas and Boxing Day

If you live in the UK and have an Android device, you might want to spend a little time away from family and friends on Wednesday and Thursday to download some free apps. has announced that it will release two free bundles of apps via its own AppStore this week that together are worth nearly £40 when they are not being given away.

One of the free apps groups will be released on Christmas Day and is being called the "Kindle Essentials" bundle:

The other free app bundle will be released on Thursday (or as UK residents call it: Boxing Day). This "Greatest Hits" group is composed of some of the most popular apps that are available from the Amazon AppStore:

It's currently unknown if the US counterpart to the Amazon AppStore will have its own free bundle promotion this week. If it does, we will post about it here on the site.

Source: email press release | Image via Amazon

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