The first Xbox One laptop mod has already been made and sold

We have seen folks create an Xbox 360 laptop mod in the past, but now one person has charged ahead and made a 22 inch laptop from the hardware pieces of Microsoft's Xbox One console. It comes from the hands and tools of experienced modder James “DarkUncle” Terry.

Terry posted up the results of his labor on his YouTube channel Monday. As you can see in the clip, much of the Xbox One's case was reused for this mod, including the front bezel which contains the slot loading disc drive. The Xbox One power light has been reused as as well and placed on the top side of the laptop mod. All of the posts on the back of the console are saved as well.

Terry did add a line out audio port in this mod, in case his buyer wanted to use an external audio speaker or source that is not digital based. Obviously, this creation does not have batteries like a regular laptop, so the owner will have to keep the mod plugged in with the big Xbox One power brick.

Before you ask, this mod is already spoken for as Terry has sold it to an unknown buyer and there's no word on how much it cost; but we've emailed Terry for more information on the price so we'll update if we hear back. It's an impressive DYI feat for a console that was released just over a month ago and we think that better laptop mods will be made from the Xbox One in the months and years to come.

Source: darkuncle33 on YouTube via technabob

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